FLTB1 AUDIOVOX Remote Start/Security RS/Modules

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Manufacturer: AUDIOVOX

General Information

Our FLTB1 sets the benchmark in overall vehicle compatibility and installation simplicity. Features include some of our latest advancements such as fully-secure push-to-start support, tach though data for hybrid vehicles, and a new simplified installation procedure for all Toyota/Lexus vehicles. The KO's versatility comes from merging many of our existing solo products into a single pre-loaded module offering unparalleled value both in inventory management and installation simplicity. As with all our Solo products, you can always take advantage of new vehicle compatibility and other product revisions by updating your products firmware using our patented weblink interface technology.

Technical Information
  • CommonDownloadable SoftwareFlashlogic (RS232) CommunicationFlashlogic 2-WAY CompatibleFlashlogic Feature SelectionInstaller FeaturesRadio (RAP) Shutdown ControlTransponder BypassData Immobilizer Bypass