Autco Family

John Roth, President, 314-426-6524

Mike Hennessey, Vice President, 314-973-6525

Michelle Payne, Executive Assistant, 314-373-2024

Mark Bond, Director of IT, 314-426-6524

Steve Schneider, Customer Service Representative, 314-373-2004

Steve Wilmsmeier, Outside Sales Manager, 314-723-0097

Linda Larson, Assistant Appliance Manager, 314-373-2033

Jill Zarinelli, Accounting, 314-373-2032 

Dan Malone, Human Resource Manager and Controller, 314-373-2008

Gina Heidbrink, Warehouse Manager, 314-973-7917

Dennis Trimble, Asst. Warehouse Manager, 314-426-6524

Diana Keeton, Purchasing Manager

Mike Martin, Warehouse Staff, 314-373-2041

David Whittaker, Warehouse Staff

Scott Dipple, Delivery Driver, 314-413-6371 

AUTCO MAIN OFFICE, 314-426-6524, 314-426-7378 FAX

FENTON: 636-349-4946

Art Stumpf, Appliance Specialist, 314-308-3225 (cell)

Jay Starling, Appliance Specialist, 636-349-4946

Jean Herman, Appliance Specialist, 314-973-2083 (cell)

Sara Trimble, Administrative Assistant, 636-349-4946  

Jill Cutter, Appliance Specialist, 636-349-4946

ST. CHARLES: 636-244-3844

Steve Rogers, Sales Manager, 314-413-4133 (cell)

Jill Tallyn, Store Manager, 636-244-3844

Heather Cooper, Sales Assistant, 636-244-3844

Corey Thompson, Sales Assistant, 636-244-3844

WESTPORT: 314-373-2000

Joan Hart, VP Operations, 314-707-0044 (cell)

Dave Seithel, Appliance Specialist, 314-373-2000

Kim Zimmer, Appliance Specialist, 314-952-7026 (cell)

Scott Molitor, Appliance Specialist, 314-373-2000